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Milton Keynes on the Web

Milton Keynes has embraced the web fully, so if it moves in MK, you'll find it on one of these!

bulletgeneral information sites about MK
bulletspecific parts of MK
bulletlocal arts organisations

General Information Sites about Milton Keynes

bulletThe best first!  Milton Keynes Council and Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce have teamed up with many other organisations to provide a really good portal onto the City and surrounding area  MK Web also includes trade directories, a What's On in Milton Keynes, and the Milton Keynes Community Organisations Information Network (COIN) which offers details of many of the 750 or so local voluntary and community organisations! (Who said there's no community in MK?)
bulletMilton Keynes Council for Voluntary Organisations - the representative body for charitable-type organisations in the area, with their own paper directory of over 500 members

One of the first things you learn about the area is that you're near the border with three other counties so here's information about our neighbours!

bullet Northamptonshire Council's site, and the related Northamptonshire Community Directory of Voluntary and Statutory Organisations
bulletAnd Bedfordshire, at the Beds Online site, with a wealth of information about voluntary and statutory services.

Sites about specific parts of Milton Keynes and the surrounding area.

And the next thing you learn is that the town (strictly) of Milton Keynes isn't the only population centre in the area - there are some lovely and distinctive villages too, many of which now have their own websites - and the new city area is itself made up of a number of much older towns and villages, so here are some of them:

bulletBletchley - the town at the south end of Milton Keynes, home of the Enigma wartime code-cracking machine and much else.
bulletMonkston and Kents Hill - the Parish Council's website for the parish in which I live in the south-east of Milton Keynes.
bulletEverything you want to know about West Bletchley - an area in the south west of the city.
bulletStony Stratford Online - one of the oldest towns in the area, at the northwest border of MK
bulletOlney - a beautiful small town at the north end of the MK Council area with lots of information on COIN, but the central site, sadly, has gone.
bulletCalverton - a small village to the west of the city where the Calverton Records Project is recording history and happenings

The Arts in Milton Keynes

Despite its non-culture image in the popular press, the arts are very much alive and kicking in Milton Keynes. Recent surveys have shown that more people play an instrument here than play football, and many people go to the theatre, or practice a handcraft, dance, etc. etc. Some really varied Arts Links pages:

bulletDon't forget the What's On and organisations listing on the COIN database on - by far the most comprehensive listings.
bulletThe Performing Arts Newsletter - a listing of current arts events in MK.
bulletArts links in MK
bulletA number of musical events and organisations in the Milton Keynes area are listed at this Bradwell site

And a few individual music organisations - if no website is quoted, find details on COIN:

bulletThe choir I sing in, of course: the Danesborough Chorus, a large classical choir
bulletThe Milton Keynes Chorale - we combine for one concert each year, but both choirs perform separately at other times
bulletThe excellent Milton Keynes City Orchestra
bulletThe Open University Choir - a good smaller choir with an interesting repertoire, meeting on Thursday lunchtimes
bulletThe Cornerstone Choir at MK City Church - a superb smaller choir with a lovely venue
bulletMADCAP - a mad variety of groups covering circus skills, music, theatre and more, meet at this old theatre in Wolverton
bulletMK Barbershop Group - mens and womens groups locally
bulletStantonbury Brass - competition winners over many years
bulletWoburn Sands Band - four bands from a youngster's training band up to the first band - simply the best in brass and silver bands locally

And for the very best musicians from elsewhere performing here, try these venues:

bulletThe Wavendon All-music Project at The Stables, Wavendon - for international musicians of all sorts
bulletMK Theatre for occasional large scale performances and much else!
bulletChurch of Christ the Cornerstone, CMK (aka MK City Church) for chamber performances