Octave <-> Matlab Compatibility Database

Download the complete set from http://users.powernet.co.uk/kienzle/octave/matcompat-2001.02.25.tar.gz.

This is free software. See the file licenses for details.

These functions were gathered from various sources on the web. As much as possible, these sources are noted in the file compat.dat, and linked into these pages. The functions included herein may have been modified against the originals. They may or may not have accepted the changes, and they may have made subsequent changes, so be careful when you go back to the original sources for updates.

There may be functions in the distribution which are not listed on these pages (e.g., extensions, demos and tests which are not part of Matlab). Check the individual directories for a complete list.

A number of functions depend on third party libraries, and have not been included here. Look to http://users.powernet.co.uk/kienzle/octave/index.html for those.

Some compatibility issues can only be resolved by modifying Octave itself. A number of patches have been included in this distribution. Many of the patches will have already been applied if you are using bleeding-edge Octave. Most will not apply if you are using the 2.0 series. Chances are that the patches will not apply cleanly to your version and may even conflict with each other. Do yourself a favour and a get a recent version of Octave if you need the functionality.


Detailed listings

  1. Interpreter
  2. Programming
  3. Linear Algehra
  4. Mathematics
  5. Data analysis
  6. Optimization
  7. Calculus
  8. Sparse matrix support
  9. Plotting
  10. Plot controls
  11. Graphical user interface
  12. Strings
  13. Audio
  14. File I/O
  15. Date and time
  16. Types
  17. Image processing
  18. Splines
  19. Communications
  20. Signal processing
  21. System Identification
  22. Control theory
  23. C programming interface
  24. Symbolic algebra
  25. Statistics


Matcompat collects the labours of: My apologies for missing and misspeled names.
Paul Kienzle (pkienzle@kienzle.powernet.co.uk)
Tue Feb 27 11:27:26 2001