Matlab/Octave compatibility packages

This site serves as a collection point for matlab compatible functions for use in Octave. Many of these functions have not been extensively tested. There is no guarantee the code will even run, never mind be correct. Some functions require features of Octave 2.1.x to run, but most will run in 2.0.x.

The Matlab compatibility collection is split into several packages:

  1. Paul Kienzle's matcompat (350k), v2001-02-25.
    Original: homepage
  2. Andy Adler's sparse matrix support (350k), v2000-12-21, which includes a stripped down version of SuperLU, or if you already have SuperLU, just the interface (27k).
    Original: octave source archives for 2000
  3. Ben Sapp's symbolic algebra support (7k), which requires GiNaC (450k), CLN (2M) and GMP (370k). CLN and GMP are available at your local Debian archive in main/source/math/cln* and main/source/libs/libgmp*.
    Original: ftp
  4. Kai Habel's geometry toolbox
  5. Kai Mueller's Octave 2.0 backport of the Octave 2.1 control systems toolbox,
  6. Nick Higham's test matrices (95k) and documentation (240k) on which the matlab gallery() function is based, with hints for using it in Octave
    Original: homepage, source, documentation
  7. Jesse Bennett's Octave engine API (6k), for calling octave from your own C programs
    Original: octave source archives for April 27, 1999
  8. Various optimization functions as suggested by the community; some of these are included in matcompat already.
    Original: Joao Cardoso's Octave links
  9. Andreas Stahel's FEM package for solving second order elliptic differential equations in two variables.
  10. Paul Kienzle's primitive octave -> matlab conversion script (7k).

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