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C Unleashed is a book about C programming. Not Microsoft (R) (TM) (etc) C, not Borland C, not Unix C, just plain ol' C, as defined by ISO.

The book covers a wide range of topics, but restricts itself (except in one or two more excitable moments) to the ISO C language, which is portable across a huge variety of architectures, operating systems, and compilers.

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Author List

C Unleashed was written between October 1999 and April 2000, by a somewhat large group of people. Here they all are:

Many thanks to the Sams Editorial Staff (and I've probably missed some people out - my apologies to them): Technical Editors

Chapter Summary

Part I - The C Language Revisited

1 C Programmer Unleashed (Richard Heathfield)
2 Holy Wars: Programming Standards - Causes and Cures (Richard Heathfield)
3 Optimization (Mike Lee)
4 Dealing with Dates (Lawrence Kirby)
5 Playing with Bits and Bytes (Lawrence Kirby)
6 Offline Data Storage and Retrieval (Steve Summit)
7 When Things Go Wrong: Code Mending (Richard Heathfield)
8 Managing Memory (Richard Heathfield)
9 Simulations and Controllers (Mathew Watson)
10 Recursion (Peter Seebach)

Part II - Data Organization

11 Simple Abstract Data Structures (Richard Heathfield)
12 Binary Search Trees (Ben Pfaff)
13 Rapid Sorting Techniques (Dann Corbit)
14 Tries (Scott Fluhrer)
15 Sparse Matrix (Brett Fishburne)
16 Working with Graphs (Ian Woods)

Part III - Advanced Topics

17 Matrix Arithmetic (Sam Hobbs)
18 Digital Signal Processing (Jack Klein)
19 Expression Parsing and Evaluation (Ian Kelly)
20 Making Software Tools (Richard Heathfield)
21 Genetic Algorithms (Mike Wright)
22 Cross-Platform Development: Communications Programming (Chad Dixon)
23 Writing Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Applications in C (Chad Dixon)
24 Arbitrary Precision Arithmetic (Ian Kelly)
25 Natural Language Processing (Ian Kelly)
26 Encryption (Mike Wright)
27 Embedded Systems (Stephan Wilms)
28 Parallel Processing (Stephan Wilms)
29 Looking to the Future: C99 (Peter Seebach)

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