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About the Progressograph

NEWS. The Progressograph has been running for some 18 months now, and I'm pleased that it has attracted a good deal of interest, and more than 4000 visitors in a month at its peak. And, judging by some of the feedback I have received, has helped many people to gain a new insight into their orienteering strengths and weaknesses.
As with many such projects, the most fun comes from the creation rather than the ongoing maintenance, and I have to confess my enthusiasm for keeping up the publicity, and the many Sunday evenings spent processing results, has begun to wane a little.
But all is not lost. All the while, Dave Ryder of TVOC has had a similar system available for event organisers to provide graphical displays of their results. But I think it fair to say that without the provision of the 'service' element, only a few of the more technically adventurous organisers have taken advantage of the system. Now, however, Dave has perfected and made available an auto-upload facility, that makes submitting your results as easy as uploading them to Winsplits; and I have to say provides a superior output to the Progressograph, with variable leg lengths, a choice of baselines, instant selection and deslection, as well as other features.
So, I will happily add more results to the Progressograph if asked to do so, but otherwise recommend to you Dave's Splitsbrowser service. You can find it at http://www.splitsbrowser.org.uk
Thanks for visiting.

Select your Event

The table below shows available events in reverse date order, with links to the progressograph and to the official event results.

Date Progressograph for Event Event Results Page
16 Mar 03 OD Ragley Hall Results
07 Jul 02 DVO Linacre Results
23 Jun 02 EBOR Cold Keld Results
23 Jun 02 SBOC Gower Day 3 Results
22 Jun 02 SBOC Gower Day 2 Results
21 Jun 02 SBOC Gower Day 1 Results
16 Jun 02 AIRE Danefield Forest Results
08 June 02 LVO Slieve Croob Results
26 May 02 HOC Brampton Bryan Results
26 May 02 EBOR Park Race Results
25 May 02 WYE Fownhope Park Results
19 May 02 BOK Boktrot Results
11 May 02 SBOC Margam Park Results
06 May 02 NIOA British Relays 2002 Results
05 May 02 NIOA BOC 2002 Results
28 Apr 02 LOC Bigland Results
28 Apr 02 WSX Rushmore Results
21 Apr 02 SBOC Clyne Results
21 Apr 02 WAOC Chicksands Results
21 Apr 02 HOC Hawkbatch Results
21 Apr 02 DVO Crich Chase Results
21 Apr 02 MAROC Sluie Woods Results
21 Apr 02 AIRE Bramham Park Results
20 Apr 02 MVO Balcombe Results
20 Apr 02 SROC British Sprint Results
14 Apr 02 NOC Byron's Walk Results
14 Apr 02 EBOR Cawthorne Results
14 Apr 02 QO Blackdown Hills Results
13 Apr 02 BUSA Touch Estate Results
07 Apr 02 FVO The Trossachs Results
07 Apr 02 WRE The Wrekin Results
06 Apr 02 LEI Swithland Woods Results
04 Apr 02 PAA Bentley Wood Results
31 Mar 02 HALO Pillar Woods Results
31 Mar 02 JK Day 2 Men Women Results
30 Mar 02 JK Day 1 Men Women Results N.B. Graphs NOT adjusted for road crossing
24 Mar 02 MV Balcombe Results
17 Mar 02 LOC Cartmel Results
17 Mar 02 PFO Tockholes Results
17 Mar 02 NOR Sheringham Results
16 Mar 02 NOR Swaffham Heath Results
10 Mar 02 LVO Tollymore Forest Park Results

The table below shows available events. Clicking the event name will take you to the results for that event. Progressograph link is on the right.

Date Event (link to results) Classes (link to Progressograph)
10 Mar 02 EAOA High Lodge All Classes
10 Mar 02 ESOC Cademuir All Classes
10 Mar 02 HOC Brown Clee Hill All Classes
03 Mar 02 GO Ambersham All Classes
03 Mar 02 DVO Shining Cliff All Classes
02 Mar 02 GO British Nights All Classes
02 Mar 02 SLOW Battersea Sprint-O All Classes
24 Feb 02 WCH Rawnsley All Classes
24 Feb 02 BKO Concorde Chase All Classes
17 Feb 02 SOS Roman Valley All Colours
17 Feb 02 NOC Robin Hood Trophy All Courses
17 Feb 02 LOC Grizedale All Colours
17 Feb 02 SWOC Draethen All Colours
17 Feb 02 DFOK Westerham All Classes
17 Feb 02 AIRE Harden Moor All Colours
10 Feb 02 HALO Houghton Woods All Classes
10 Feb 02 HH Burnham Beeches M Classes W Classes & C Coded
09 Feb 02 SEJS Whippendell Woods All Classes
03 Feb 02 EPOC Langfield Common All Classes
03 Feb 02 LEI Borrough Hill All Colours
03 Feb 02 BL Gelt Woods All Colours
27 Jan 02 LOG Stapleford Woods All Colours
27 Jan 02 CUOC Icenian All Colours
27 Jan 02 WCH Brocton and Milford All Colours
27 Jan 02 DEE Delamere Trophy All classes
27 Jan 02 WIM Avon Water All classes
20 Jan 02 LEI Old Dry Hills All classes
13 Jan 02 SUFFOC Rendlesham All classes
13 Jan 02 NOC Walesby All colours
12 Jan 02 NOC Haywood Oaks Night All courses
06 Jan 02 GO Hascombe Hill All classes
06 Jan 02 HOC Malvern and Eastnor All colours
30 Dec 01 EBOR Strensall Common All colours
23 Dec 01 EPOC Haw Park All colours
23 Dec 01 NOC Harlow Woods All colours
16 Dec 01 NOR Holt Country Park All colours
16 Dec 01 MDOC Bosley Cloud All colours
09 Dec 01 SLOW OK Nuts Trophy All classes
09 Dec 01 LEI Yvette Baker Trophy All colours
09 Dec 01 DEE Pettypool All colours
09 Dec 01 WCH Dimmingsdale All colours
08 Dec 01 DEE Pettypool Night event All colours
08 Dec 01 SN Bagshot Night event All colours
25 Nov 01 SELOC Cowpe All classes
25 Nov 01 HOC Kinver Edge All classes
25 Nov 01 CHIG Epping NW All classes
25 Nov 01 WCOC Whinlatter All colours
25 Nov 01 QO Quantock Forest South All colours
18 Nov 01 LVO Gosford Forest Park All colours
18 Nov 01 SN Wisley Common All colours
11 Nov 01 BOK BOKTrot All classes
11 Nov 01 SYO Burbage Moor All classes
10 Nov 01 SYO Ecclesall Woods All classes
04 Nov 01 SOC November Classic M classes W classes
21 Oct 01 BOC Newborough M classes W classes & C Coded
21 Oct 01 HALO Primrose Warren All courses
14 Oct 01 SROC Broughton Forest All colours
06 Oct 01 SBOC Junior Home Internationals All classes
06 Oct 01 DVO Poulter Country Park All colours
29 Sep 01 NIOA Championships All classes
29 Sep 01 GRAMP Duthie Park O Both courses
23 Sep 01 DVO Cromford Moor All classes
16 Sep 01 SARUM Fonthill All classes
16 Sep 01 WCH Hednesford Hills All colours
09 Sep 01 MDOC Twin Peaks Day 2 All classes
08 Sep 01 MDOC Twin Peaks Day 1 All classes
11 Aug 01 Lochaber 2001 D6 Fersit M classes W classes & C Coded
10 Aug 01 Lochaber 2001 D5 Arisaig M classes W classes & C Coded
09 Aug 01 Lochaber 2001 D4 Strathmashie M classes W classes & C Coded
07 Aug 01 Lochaber 2001 D3 Ardchattan M classes W classes & C Coded
06 Aug 01 Lochaber 2001 D2 Strathmashie M classes W classes & C Coded
05 Aug 01 Lochaber 2001 D1 Achdalieu M classes W classes & C Coded
Archive - January to June 2001
Archive - Up to December 2000

About the Progressograph

The progressograph allows you to plot graphically your progress against others on your course. It relies on the split times published from Sport Ident e-punching events, and converts them into a visual display that will help you to see where time was lost and positions were exchanged.

There are different ways of plotting progress. For a good analysis see Ed Nash's article in Compass Sport of August 99. I have chosen to plot times relative to the fastest runner on each leg, so that even the winner is likely to show some time loss. The steeper the slope of the line, the greater the time lost against the fastest runner on that leg. The Y axis shows the cumulative number of minutes behind the imaginary ideal runner, who ran the fastest time on all legs. Control numbers are shown at equidistant intervals along the X axis. Ideally they should vary their spread according to leg length or ideal leg time, but I'm afraid the 'off the peg' graph program is not up to that - yet.

How to use it

Listed above, in reverse date order, are the more recent events available. Select the adjacent hyperlink for the class(es) or course(s) that you are interested in, and you will be taken to a separate page.

You will see a drop-down list from which you must select the class you are interested in. That gives you a scrolling list of all finishers in position order. Highlight up to seven names (the graph becomes too congested after seven) that you are interested in comparing. Your selection does not have to include the winner. Use the 'shift' key when clicking to highlight a continuous span of names or the 'control' key to highlight additional discrete names. If you select more than seven only the seven highest finishers will be displayed.

Once selected, press the button to draw the graph. You can re-select and re-draw to you heart's content without re-loading.

Graph not working?

The Graph is drawn by a Java Applet. It should not need any additional software or plugins, but bear in mind the following limitations:

Printing problems?

The most common query I receive is that users are unable to print the graphs. Printing is certainly possible, I have produced successful prints, but to be honest success seems to depend heavily on the combination of browser and printer driver employed. An alternative approach which works for many is to capture a screen print (using the "Prt Sc" key) and paste it into your favourite image program; something like MS Photo Editor.

I would be pleased to receive any feedback you can give on whether or not you are able to print the graphs, and what browser and printer combination you are using. From November '01 I have reverted to use of a white background, which may help. If you have any knowledge in this area, or advice to share, please let me know.

Observations or comments to rpownall@dp.powernet.co.uk please.

Event not listed?

I can process the splits from events that are published in standard Sport Ident format on the Web, or provided directly by the event organiser. I can also process splits from Mike Napier's results software. I will try to include all the major UK events, but if results are published in a non-standard format, and I can't get the standard results file from the organisers, then I can't do it. If you would like me to include an event that you can find the splits for, then just send me the file or a link to where they are published and I'll be happy to oblige.

Organising? Want to include your Event?

You might want to point people here from your results pages as an added service. If you let me know in advance I will try and get your event processed as soon as results are available (most people seem to look up their results within a day or two of the event). Either I can get the results from the published pages, or alternatively send me a standard Sport Ident results format file. I will, of course, include a link back to your results page. I haven't got a system for Score events I'm afraid.

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The Progressograph is getting popular:2378 visits in October 2001
3372 visits in November 2001
4054 visits in February 2002

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